A list of tools for Cross Multiplatform mobile application 2018


A list of tools for Cross Multiplatform mobile application 2018

In this blog, we are discussing for multiplatform Mobile app development tools, here we have to know how multiplatform  Mobile app development tools can get. Each platform is unique and different feature, capability, and behavior. So you as the developer, need to make the solutions to develop the best cross-formatted apps, without your resources on developing for just at one time.

Here we have present developing list tools for Cross Multiplatform mobile application:-

RhoMobile:- RhoMobile offers Rhodes, which is the open source framework, this framework is just based on Ruby. The developer to create native apps and spanning over the stunning range of the operating system. This OS includes the Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, and RIM. It also offers the Rhohub, which is hosted development environment and RhoSync which can be employed at the standalone server to keep all the data to the current user.

PhoneGap:- PhoneGap is the great acclaim at Web 2.0 Expo in 2009 Launch Pad event, that allows developers to create apps for Android, Palm, Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices. This tool allows work with a hardware device like accelerometer, GPS location, camera, sound and much more…

Appcelerator:- Appcelerator, which is incidentally has a formidable fan following on Twitter, aids the development apps via web programming such HTML, PHP, Javascript, Python, and Ruby. Apps can be totally hardware-based and all data can be stored in the cloud or on the devices.

MoSync:- MoSync tools is based on the standard web programming. The SDK offers the developers integrated compilers, runtimes, libraries other useful tools. While support for Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python and other language planning. So MoSync now includes Eclipse based on C/C++ programming.  It supports the several types of operating system, including Windows Mobile, Android, Moblin and even a Linux distro.

Whoop:- Whoop tool confidentially states that they are “the one-stop mobile app publishing platform for non-developers”. Even you are not a developer, So you can still get some cross-formatting done with the whoop. Whoop studio is basically a WYSIWYG editor that lets you easily drag and drop mobile app elements onto it, it achieves the desired effects. So these tools depend on the OS, including  Window Mobile, Black-Berry, Android,iPhone and more…

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